Store Policy


Store Policy below

FEE is applied towards purchase.
You'll receive a email confirmation for day and time. Response can be in 24-48 hrs
You will get a email with the address of our location

                                                     Professional Bra Fitting by a Certified Chestologist. Assuring a perfect fit every time. 

24 hour cancellation is requested. Please.

So, I can give someone else that time slot.

We can perk up your life!

Want a personalized Fitting?
Has it been over a year since you last fitting?

Here’s how we help you for your fitting:
We will have you fill out a form that will identify your fitting needs

You'll then be paired with a Chestologist who will determine your measurement
This measurement will allow us to hand-select bras or swimsuits from our various brands and styles based off of your measurement and identified needs.
A $25 fitting fee is required in order to secure your appointment, your credit card will be charged for setting up your appointment,the fee will be applied to your purchase of a full-priced bra. Otherwise, a $20 fitting will be charged for the fitting. If we do not have your size for purchase, we will annotate our records that you were fitted but were not charged due to us not having your size to purchase or special order. We can place special orders and it can take up to a one to three weeks depending on where it comes from to receive the item
We ask that you give us a 24-hour notice that you will not be able to make it. If you don't show up that day we will charge you the fitting service fee.You will be fitted by a certified Chestologistand you'll receive her undivided attention and she will help you find that perfect fit a bra that you are looking for. WE Prefer this way, but you can also do it another way.
Every woman's figure is uniquely different.
Our Bras range from $44.00 up $250.00
At Hope's Chest, we believe that it is important for you to find your perfect fitting bra. Your health, clothing, and confidence depend on it! With that said, we will not misguide you by giving you a simple online survey. We will pair you with a trained Chestologist that will allow you to ask questions, and receive a one-on-one consultation. Or will contact you to set up a date for a party. If interested in becoming aChestologist,someone will contact you within the next 2-24 hours. We provide services to the everyday women seeking to update their wardrobe, or who recently experienced reconstruction, reduction, and augmentation
Or you can call us direct to secure your fitting appointment at 951.678.2727. You'll still need a credit card to secure your fitting. OurChestologistsare available as they will respond shortly.

Our body changes many times through the year due to weight gain, lose of weight, hormones, weather, good relationship, bad relationships, health, exercise, stress, changes in our life..and so many other reasons.  Please know this before you make a purchase.

Special orders are non refundable.  



No REFUNDS, Store Credit only.

Tags must be available and in new condition so we can resale.

If there is a no show.

rescheduling fee of $10 needs to be paid for in advance and will

not be applied to your purchase.