Personal Bra Stylist

Your Personal bra stylist will help you with your bra choices, based on your size, and request desire.

What to expect: Link BELOW

¨     We will have you fill out a form that will help us identify your fitting needs.

¨    who will determine your measurements, your personal bra stylist and you'll receive her attention. She will help

       you find that perfect fit- the bra that you are looking for. 

¨     Your identified needs and your measurements will allow us to hand-select bras.

      our brands and styles have been hand chose for our clients. We have a wide variety of options, with our bras ranging from $44.00 to $250.00. 

¨     Bra orders will need to be paid for up front.

¨     Orders are placed once a once or twice a month and can take between 1-3 weeks to receive items depending on

      where they come from, but we will contact you as soon as your item(s) arrive.

Store Policy 


Please remember that our bodies change many times throughout the year due to

weight gain, weight loss, hormones, weather, good relationships, bad relationships, health, exercise, stress, new circumstances, etc.  


GET STARTED HERE: Click here: Personal Bra Stylist


If you’re interested in joining the team and becoming a Personal Bra Stylist, 

please let us know by contacting us at 951.678.2727. 

Thank you!

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