Hope’s Chest™ prides itself on carrying sizes from 28-46 in the band and A-K cup. We are very particular in the brands we carry and search for American made and European lines that provide high quality of construction, consistency of fit and beautiful design!


According to recent press, the majority, up to 85% of women, are wearing the wrong bra size. Usually the back size is too large and the cup size is too small. Women often wear the wrong size, as they are not sure what the bra should look and feel like. Once they do, they will know whether a bra is fitting you within seconds.


“What is a ‘Chestologist’?”

A Chestologist is a bra fitter then specializes in properly fitting everyday women and breast cancer survivors.  She knows how a bra should fit and feel on all sizes of women. When properly fitted she knows how the band and straps should feel, where the underwire should lay and the bra style to complement different figures

“What kind of bra styles do you carry?”

We carry about 23 different styles of bras. From molded, lace, demi cup, balconette, plunge, push-up, strapless, maternity/nursing, sports and pocket bras we have a little bit of everything for everyone.

“How do I know what kind of bra style I need?”

There isn’t a one style fits all. That’s why trying on different styles and companies on in the store are so important.

“What kind of sizing do you use?”

DON’T get hung up on one size! Many women walk out of the store with three bras in three different sizes. All bras are handmade so differences between them are natural plus different companies have different sizing standards. Here at Hope’s Chest we use UK sizing.  

“How often should I get measured?”

We recommend get measured once a year. Many things can change in a women’s life. Puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, weight gain/loss and breast augmentation can change the way your bra fits in a major way.

“How long do bras last?”

Bras should last about 6-8 months with proper care and cycling.

“Come on…how many bras do I actually need?”

Ideally every woman should have three ‘everyday’ styles in her closet to wear to work or on the weekend. The golden rule is “one to wear, one to wash and one to rest”. Once you have three everyday styles in your wardrobe, introduce specialties such as strapless, sports and racerback.

“My underwire drives me crazy…why does it?”

Most likely because you are in the wrong size. When your bra fits properly there should be no room for your wire to move…which leads to it poking out. Remember a nice snug band won’t let your wire move up and down, plus an ample cup size will circle your breast perfectly so the wire won’t poke your sensitive breast tissue.

“My straps are digging into my shoulders…help!”

This is caused by having the straps do all the work! Breasts are heavy…and to rely on two tiny straps to do all of the work is ridiculous. Just remember your band, when tight and snug, should be doing about 90% of the work and your bra straps are just there to keep the bra from falling off your shoulders.

“I am a 38DD…”

Stop right there. Most women who come into our store start with those 4 words. You most likely aren’t a double or triple D (I’ve personally maybe measured a handful), this is because most department stores stop at a double D. Get professionally measured with an open mind and watch the way you feel about your bra transforms.

“I hate hand washing is there a way around it?”

No. Don’t even try! Hand washing will keep your delicates nice much longer. Throwing them in washer might seem like the easiest thing to do…but it will destroy your bra. And NEVER put them in the dryer! Excessive heat will destroy the elastics, and then constant movement will make your underwire poke out!

“I wash all my delicates with Woolite, is that ok?

No, no, no. Woolite is meant to make your heavy fabrics, such as wool, softer! When washing lace, elastic and pressed foam stay away from Woolite. Choose a wash that draws out oils, skin and deodorant. We highly recommend Eucalan a natural, hypo-allergenic and biodegradable wash that is perfect for your bras, lingerie and delicate dresses.