Are You Sounding Like a Broken Record?

Posted on September 07 2016

Dear Hope,


It's Monday my Sistas! The alarm went off too early but I got up and hit the ground running. I didn't grab any breakfast on the way out, so by lunch time I was ready to eat my shoe! Ever have days like this?


Well, tomorrow will be a better day if I have anything to do with it. Wait, I do have something to do with it. With all the Olympic events going on I feel a little puny. After thinking about it for a few minutes I started taking a look at myself and how could I do life differently for the better. I decided I would break a few records of my own. I am going to get to bed a little earlier and wake up a little bit sooner so I can get breakfast and start my day off right. Ok, ok, that's a lot for my first try. I will just accomplish at least one thing to build on improvement per week. Yeah, that sounds good. I'll at least go to bed when I first fall asleep at the computer. That's a start!


So, come on, who's with me? Let's go out and break our own records!

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