Haus of Volta

Posted on November 10 2015

Haus of Volta


Help us support our Breast Cancer Survivors!
Hope's Chest has partnered up with Haus of Volta a wonderful organization that helps Breast Cancer Survivors reclaim their inner women.

Founder and owner, Stori has created this safe place for women to talk about their experiences and help each other heal and reclaim life. "In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, after losing the two things I could always depend on to make me feel beautiful, my hair and my breasts, I found it very difficult to feel feminine once they were gone. When I started to associate with other survivors it was clear that I had to do something to help these precious ones regain the sexual identity that is a right every human has to express, however you choose to do so."

"I feel the quickest way to convey a message is through photographs, the women in this calendar

fight like a girl

have not been handed any of their beauty easily, and they didn't buy it either! They faught death itself to be here. We are here show other women effected by breast cancer that you don't deserve to be treated like you are undesireable. Being scorned for having cancer is almost worse than being told you have it in the first place. Partners, should they be men or women, need to know there is sexuality after breast cancer." ~Stori


Hope's Chest is proud to sponsor her upcoming 2016 Survivor Pinup Calendar. To purchase a calendar or custom design pin please

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