Lumpectomy: The Bra Fitting Hassle

Posted on June 29 2016

Too many times do I hear awful bra shopping stories and experiences. When a woman comes in to our bra boutique we know there has been some past trauma. 

A very nice lady (and well endowed!), Julie C., came into our boutique today. She had booked an appointment over the phone with our Chestologist, at 11:15 AM, who kindly explained to her how our fitting technique is a little different. Once we measure a women, we don't send them out into the unknown with two pairs of measurements and say good luck! Quite the opposite...we personally do all the shopping for you. With this kind of help there is no second guessing 

Our client kept on saying how much of hassle it was to find a good fitting bra. She had a lumpectomy years ago plus a reduction done a few year even before that. What had started (in her mind!) as an awful experience turned out to be pleasant. Our Chestologist told her she understood her need for something not too binding, but supportive to give her uplift. Plus with the lumpectomy she needed a bra that would even her out....

15 minutes later I had Julie at the cash register, wearing one of her new bras home while I packaged the other. She was shocked that she was spending under $100 for two new bras that felt amazing. Not only did she feel relieved to have dodged a bullet with another bad bra shopping experience, she said she walked away with a new bra education on how they should fit and feel. 

With Julie's story in mind, please remember that every bra and women is unique and as a Chestologist it's my passion to help find the perfect bra for each women....or women for each bra!

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