Breast Implants | Do you still need to wear a bra?

Posted on May 23 2016

Whatever life journey brought you to choosing breast implants, we want to help you take care of your body as it deserves. Life after breast augmentation using implants can leave you with many questions. We have compiled some information to make your transition to life after breast implants.


Myth#1 Implants are hard and feel ‘fake’

There are variations of shape, materials and feel of implants to choose from. Almost all of them mimic the feel and shape of a natural breast.


Myth#2 Women with implants will no longer need to wear a bra

In reality there is nothing about a breast augmentation that makes a bra optional. There is only one exception, if a patient has opted for non-mobile implants. Any breast that is soft and has an implant that moves absolutely benefits from the support of a great fitting bra.


Myth#3 Implanted breast will never have a properly fitted bra

The same rules used to fit a woman with natural breasts apply for a woman that has had breast augmentation using implants. We help women with breast augmentation choose great fitting bras that provide the support they need.



So here you have, our top 3 myths for women with breast implants. Many women wonder, what happens if I don’t wear a bra? Like with natural breasts, implants are not immune to gravity. Over time they will move down and there is no way to avoid this, even with implants. Wearing a supportive bra will slow gravity down and maintain your breast implants where you desire – ‘up.’ Additionally, breast implants will gain great benefits from the use of a properly fitted sports bra. Exercising can be hard on your breast tissue, just like with natural breasts.

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