A Bra Fitting | Why Every Woman Needs One

Dec 21st 2017

As women, at one point in our lives we may find ourselves in a bra with a cup size that is too large and a band that is too small. Making these mistakes may cause more than just a little discomfort. Studies over the past decade have shown that a poorly fitted bra may cause back pain, neck pain, headaches, and shoulder tension which may lead to further health complications in the future. Our bras may be causing more damage than good.

Think about the bra you are wearing right now. How did you come to the conclusion that this was your correct bra size? Were you properly fitted? Or did you try on multiple sizes until you found the one you thought ‘seemed right’ for you? Were you fitted 10 years ago and haven’t changed your size since? But if you lost or gained weight, had a child, or simply had a few birthdates - chances are you are wearing the wrong size. Our bodies change and with them, our bra size.

Determining if you are in wrong size can be easy. Follow our checklist and find out once and for all if you too are in the wrong size bra.

You may be in the wrong size cup if you answers YES to any of these questions.

Do you find your cups don’t completely fill out?

Do your cups seem to be ‘overflowing’?

Are your bands parallel to the floor?

Do your straps dig into your shoulders?

Do your straps fall off your shoulder?

If wearing an underwire cup bra, does the underwire encircle your breast?

Does your bra feel uncomfortable when sitting?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions, your bra is not properly fitted to your body! You may need to try a different cup size, band size or a different style bra altogether. A properly fitted bra will be comfortable when sitting. The edges of your cup should lie flat against your breast. There should be no gapping or digging. The center panel should lay flat against your breastbone.

Note: Minimizers tend to not rest against your breastbone and this is fine. Hope’s Chest is not a big fan of minimizing bras since they have a tendency to push your breast under your arms. Plus, we believe women should embrace their curves!

There should be no poking, protruding or pinching of an underwire. Your bra should be snug, but no too tight. You should be able to freely swing your arms.

If with a professional fitting you are still struggling to achieve the perfect fit, alterations should be considered. We alter our clothes for a better fit - why not our bras? Take the time to visit us and we will help you find the perfect bra for you and have a bra feel like it should.