About us

Hope Suhr started in 2009 as a home-based business. The company was created in order to empower women to find their natural beauty with the assistance of high-quality bras and panties. Our focus is to care for your unique God-given beauty and encourage good health. A lady wearing a band size that is too large and the cup size too small leads to health issues such as back pain and tingling in the hands. At Hope's Chest, we educate our ladies on how to care for their breast and bras.

Hope's Chest boutique opened in 2011 in Canyon Lake, CA.  With more than 85% of women in the world wearing the wrong size bra.

You’ll love the top brands of lingerie we carry in stock with an extensive range of sizes from A to K cup and band sizes 28 to 46. We carry a wide range of bra sized swimsuits.

We are proud to have a team of Chestologists certified in bra-fitting and know how to cater to each lady's needs for breast care products. We specialize in breast forms, pocket-bras, pocket-bra swimsuits for all of our Breast Cancer Survivors, and ladies who have had breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery such as Amoena and Anita.

Hope’s Chest

The idea of helping women find the perfect bra came from my very own brassier fitting experience some years ago. A local boutique introduced a bra specialist that encouraged me to try several bras based on my new found measurements. To my surprise, my look and comfort level had an immediate impact not only on my outer appearance but also my inner sexy sexy self.

Since then, I have studied the bra industry and culture of the brassiere and its proper fit and function in our everyday lives. My experience has not only brought new confidence into my own life, but it's what inspired me to launch Hope’s Chest, which encompasses the very essence of women. It is also a place that will educate you and provide inspiration for your own unique beauty. We are ready to help you with your personal fitting and measuring.