About us

Hope Suhr started her home-based business in 2009.

The company was created to empower women to find their natural beauty with the assistance of high-quality bras and panties

My journey towards helping women find the perfect bra came from my very own Bra fitting experience some years ago, a local boutique introduced me to a bra specialist that encouraged me to try on several bras based on my newfound size measurements. To my surprise, my look and comfort levels had an immediate impact not only on my outer parents but also on my inner self sexy. I learned a bra might be perfect for one woman and totally wrong for another, even if they are the same size, different styles should be tried to find the most suitable one for them.

Consequently, I was led to study the bra industry and culture and learn the ins and outs of how a properly fitted bra can improve a woman's quality of life, providing comfort and support, and as a result, make you more attractive, younger in appearance.

Without realizing it, a woman wearing the wrong-sized bra as they are not sure how the right size bra should fill or look, making these mistakes may cause more than just a little discomfort. Studies over the past decade have shown a poorly fitted bra may cause back pain, neck pain irritation to the skin damage to the ligaments, headaches, and shoulder tension. These issues may lead to further health complications in the future. In short, our bras may be causing more damage than good. If they are not correctly sized.

I expanded my specialties to help breast cancer survivors and those who have had reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, and reduction. Those that are well endowed as well as the itty bitty, athletes, moms to be. And those woman's that have suffered from fibromyalgia. All these clients have discovered amazing benefits of the proper appreciation of the right sized bra. 

Our focus is to care for your unique God given beauty and encourage good health at Hope's chest. 

We educate our ladies on how to care for their breasts and bras.


And, now I want to help you.

My goal is to educate you and help you find perfection so you can become your very best self.